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A ruler of difference by SayuriChann
A ruler of difference
So yeah, I have a friend that's exactly 30cm taller than me, which means the size of a ruler e_e
Since he doesn't like to take pics I made this draw as part of an art trade we did! 
Hope ya like it, and I hope I'm not the only one that have a friend that's really that taller.
Obs.: I'm 1,60m tall. (have no idea how many feets it means) 
Will you follow me one las time? by SayuriChann
Will you follow me one las time?
So...yeah, I think my cockatiel likes Tolkien too. 
He would make a good Thorin cosplay as well. 
Anyway, since I didn't had time to make a good art for the end of The Hobbit I'll leave Inko here for you. 
Dwalin - Training with pen by SayuriChann
Dwalin - Training with pen
Since my professor doesn't let us draw with pen anymore I've been praticing a little.
I've tried to make a Thranduil but it didn't worked out as I expected, but Dwalin is kinda nice to me hauhaha
Hope you like it c: 
Happy Birthay Keni! by SayuriChann
Happy Birthay Keni!
So i's my sister's birthday (not biological, but still ~ ) 
Here's my gift for ya onee <3 ! 
When people ask what's wrong with me by SayuriChann
When people ask what's wrong with me
The idea came out due to a facebook chat, but I think a lot of people has alreadly gone a situation like this! haha
Anyway, hope that suits at least one of you =B 
As you can see the title is in portuguese 'cause I don't know how or if it will be translated to english someday 'cause yeah, I'm talking about a book.
It's a brazilian book written by Renan Carvalho and you know I don't always write a journal entry but I can say, my friend, that it's a AMAZING book! I reccomend to everyone who likes books about rebellions againt the government with a lot of magic! 
The mais history is told by Leran that is leraning archery at school and his grandfather, even though is forbidden, teaches him about the 'Controle' ( can be translated as Control) of the energy. But someday he'll find out that the government is killing everyone who knows about it once his city, Acingam, has been exilated from the rest of the world for alreadly 15 years. 
Leran will have to decide between pretending nothing is happening or joining the Guild to fight against the Government and the Silenciadores, the best warriors (or assassins) of the king. 
It's an amazing book I've found by...destiny maybe at the airport when I was going to Foz do Iguaço, a famous turistic point at south of Brazil. I'm so glad my mom bought it for me and I'm alreadly looking forward to do a cosplay of it. 
This week I met the author and I can't deny I had my fangirl moment, especially when he recognized me and even remembered my name! Now I have a book with an autograph! 
I'm really glad and if someday you read it, I you wish the best, Renan!
And I hope someday the book become a best seller or get popularity enough to be translated to other languages. 


SayuriChann's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
Hello everyone!
Thanks for visiting my profile!
Well... I'm a cosplayer and I love to draw so you can find both things at my Deviant!
Hope you enjoy and I hope you can give some construtives comments on my work!

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kuri-hime Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
thank you for watching me! ; v; 
HuntressLaCuddlePawz Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
HEY YOU! Thanks for the watch<3 I thought I had watched you last night but I was tired and neglected to, so my apologies, I shall remedy that now tho :'3 
SayuriChann Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist
Np! Btw, I really like the way you use more than one tone in your character's hair. Gives a special effect, specially on that Peachy one <3 
Keep up the good work!
HuntressLaCuddlePawz Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
OMG thank you that is so extremely meaningful to me i appreciate your compliment and you <3 thank you <3 sorry i havent been commenting ive been crashed with work :/ 
SayuriChann Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist
ahuahah np, I'm busy with univ as well. I'm able to log in here like, once or twice a week :c 
Btw, you're a nice person to talk hahaha I never find people to talk on deviant e_e
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Pierrot-sama Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Novo deviant rukia san o/
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That's so....beautiful <3
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